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We are coming to expect air conditioning in warm weather as much as heating in winter. A good example of this is that there are fewer cars supplied without air conditioning, showing that we expect comfortable conditions wherever we are. Shops and restaurants are now very mindful that customers will not linger long in their establishments if they are not happy with the temperature.

Modern air conditioning systems have the capability to heat as well as cool, and are often much more energy efficient than heating by more traditional means. Air conditioning systems can also be cheaper and easier to install as one system.

It is now well known that some refrigerants formerly in widespread use contained CFCs which are ozone depleting and therefore harmful to the environment. These matters were addressed internationally a number of years ago under the Montreal Protocol, and regulations have been phased in to outlaw the release of refrigerant gases into the atmosphere, banning the use of old-style refrigerants such as R22.

The REFCOM regulations now impose statutory obligations on end users as well as manufacturers, installers and service engineers. Anyone who has a system produced and installed prior to 2008 and which is over a specified size, now has a statutory obligation to have their installations surveyed by a REFCOM registered body such as AGS. The purpose of this survey is to highlight whether the system has any components or refrigerants which would not satisfy current legislation, and a record of the survey must be retained by the system's owner.There is not necessarily a requirement to remove or upgrade such systems immediately if they are operating safely and are leak free. Older systems may not be able to be repaired legally should they break down, in which case they would have to be replaced with modern systems containing more environmentally friendly refrigerants. This requirement can be anticipated and budgeted for, given the right advice from a qualified and competent company such as AGS.

AGS can assist clients by advising on their statutory obligations and arranging for the required surveys to be carried out, as well as by specifying, installing and maintaining a variety of air conditioning systems from small split units to central plant, water chillers etc.     

As in all AGS's activities, the company offer the three strengths of Innovation, Dedication and Service.

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    why use AGS?

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